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Denver Swim Club Denver Swim Club


Denver Swim Club has a goal to provide an environment that is relaxing while giving you the opportunity to explore your fantasies. We have worked to created areas throughout the club where you can watch as well as be watched. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We have put together some of the most asked questions over the years.

QUESTION: Do I have to purchase a Membership or Day Pass?
ANSWER: The purchase of a Membership or Day Pass is required. The Membership is valid for one year and will save you money each time you visit the club. It is the best way to enter if you are going to be visiting more than once a year.

QUESTION: Can I dress in female clothing?
ANSWER: We do not allow our guest to enter or walk around the club in female clothing. If you have rented a room, you may dress in female underwear and/or panty hose as long as you stay in your room with the door open or closed.

QUESTION: Can I call and reserve a room?
ANSWER: Rooms are rented "First Come, First Served". We do not reserve rooms because it is too difficult to know when we will be busy or when rooms will become available.

QUESTION: Can I sun tan outside in the nude?
ANSWER: Yes, we have a 8 ft. fence around our outdoor pool and patio area which makes it ideal for nude sun tanning.

QUESTION: Where is sex allowed in the club?
ANSWER: We have designed the club so you can have sex in just about every area of it. You can't have sex in the hot tub, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, and front desk area.

QUESTION: Since marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, may I smoke it at the Club?
ANSWER: No! The Denver Swim Club and staff works hard to keep the club a Drug Free Zone. Although the smoking of marijuana has been legalized in Colorado, it is only for use in private homes and not businesses. Doing so in the club will result in the lost of your membership. If you bring a bag to the club, the attendant on duty will search it for drugs and alcohol.

QUESTION: I lost my membership card, what do I do?
ANSWER: If you lost your membership card you can purchase another one for $5. You will need to present your Drivers License so we can look up your information that we have on file.

QUESTION: I am on the heavy side and I was told that you do not allow "Fat" men in the club?
ANSWER: You will be allowed in the club. We have made a special effort to make sure you will fit in by providing you with what we call "Big Boy Towels".

QUESTION: I am handicapped and I want to visit the club. What should I do?
ANSWER: If you are handicapped, you must talk to the owner so he can determine if you are you able to handle yourself in the club. Because we have two swimming pools, it is very important that you will be able to get in and out by yourself. Deaf guys do not need to see owner.

QUESTION: What are the ages of the people that are there?
ANSWER: 18 years old and up. We like our members to be well kept and have good mobility.

QUESTION: Do you give tours of the club?
ANSWER: No, This is for the privacy to our members that are in the club.

QUESTION: Do you offer In and Out passes?
ANSWER: No, we do not offer these passes.

QUESTION: When is the best time to get lucky?
ANSWER: Anytime! It only take one to rock your world. The busy times at the club varies. 11am to 5pm Mon-Fri is good for the business men, 7pm to 11pm is good for the after work crowd. Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm is great for everybody and tends to be the busiest days of the week.

QUESTION: I am Trans-sexual, will I be allowed at the club?
ANSWER: We are a club catering to males, so all customers must present themselves as a male and have a valid State Issued ID identifying you as a male. We are Trans-friendly for FTM's but, cross-dressing or MTF's is not conducive to our atmosphere.

QUESTION: I see you give free lockers to Police, Military and Firefighters, can you be more clear?
ANSWER: We offer free lockers to those who put the lives on the line every day to protect and serve us. This means if you are Active Duty Military, not the retired. Firefighters fighting the fires and the Police stepping in the line of fire, not the retired. I know this is a narrow section of this population but, these are the ones that will be able to get the free locker.